K.C. National Arms Show Rules


The basic purpose of a show or exhibit sponsored by this Association will be the promotion of the ideals and standards of MVACA Our by-laws clearly set forth that, “This Association is dedicated to the promotion of the craft of arms collecting; to bind its members into an organization for the exchange of information and to further the study of arms types; to cooperate with sportsmen and other arms clubs in matters of mutual interest; to analyze carefully and intelligently, any and all proposed laws affecting the common good of collectors and sportsmen and add vigorous protest against all needless, unfair or prohibitive arms legislation; and to hold exhibits and/or shows for the benefit of our members and guests.” In accordance, the following show rules are to be observed. The signature, required on our table reservation form, indicates a table holder’s acceptance of, and agreement to comply, with these show rules. Offenders will be asked to comply, leave or be ejected.

  1. All federal, state, and local laws must be observed at all times. Post 1898 firearms may be displayed, but the sale of such arms must comply with federal, state, or local statues. Such compliance is the legal responsibility of the seller.
  2. NRA safety rules will prevail at all times. MVACA is NRA affiliated and subscribes to the NRA’s “Code of Ethics for Gun Collectors and Dealers” and also the NRA’s “Code of Conduct for Gun Collectors’ Meetings”. We require all exhibitors to do the same. Only MVACA authorized security and law enforcement personnel will be allowed to wear or carry holstered (loaded or not) sidearms,
  3. MVACA, in return for a table rental fee, offers display space only, and is in no way responsible for the actions of any person, either exhibitor or visitor. All exhibitors are totally responsible. at all times, for the safety (non·loaded condition) and security (loss by theft) of their display items. Firearms and compatible ammunition must not be displayed in such close proximity that easy quick loading is possible. We caution and ask all exhibitors to exercise extra care during show hours to protect your display, as well as your neighbor’s display. The traditional cover over an exhibit is to be considered the same as a LOCK. Any violation of a covered table by other than the owner will be dealt with sternly by the show officers. After show hours the exhibit is cleared, locked and placed under armed guard until re~opened the next day.
  4. No photographs of displays or exhibitors will be allowed, except with the specific approval of the exhibitor being photographed and the MVACA Show Director.
  5. All exhibitors must provide and make use of a table cover. DO NOT use any past or present national flags as a table cover.
    1. Firearms, armor, edged weapons and air, gas, spring or flare guns.
    2. Cartridges and reloading equipment.
    3. Military or police issued accouterments (i.e., uniforms and accessories, medals, bayonets, patches, badges, etc.).
    4. Books, literature or historical groups concerning firearms, edged weapons and armor.
    5. Items or tools specifically pertinent to the manufacture or repair of firearms.
    6. Any working firearm replica, copy or non·working firearm model, so long as it is prominently labeled as such.
    7. Any articles, devices or organization that can be shown to be properly related to MVACA purposes or goals.
    Table pack-up prior to show closing time unless you are giving up your table location for future shows.

    1. Alcoholic beverages or liquors.
    2. Antique/art glassware or bottles.
    3. Jewelry, watches or apparel.
    4. Antique/art statues or leather clothing.
    5. Coins, stamps, rocks or minerals.
    6. Cameras and/or accessories.
    7. Camping or fishing equipment.
    8. Explosives or blasting devices.
    1. Flammable liquids, bulk powder or primers in unsafe containers.
    2. Non-gunsmithing general purpose machine tools.
    3. Non-gun related items (skates, razors, etc.,) bearing a firearms trade name.
    4. Grinders, TV’s and radios for sale or operated, so as to disturb others.
    5. Attachment of anything to walls or ceilings, unless approved.
    6. Re·arranging tables, table access openings or obstructing any access aisles.
    7. Any articles, literature or books on making illegal destructive devices.
    8. Test chambering loading or discharging any type item {toys included}.
  8. All displays, items and personal actions are subject to the rulings of the Show Committee or Director. MVACA reserves the right to exclude or remove any items or persons we consider not in accordance with MVACA’s goals or objectives.
  9. Exhibit rules for displays in competition for awards:
    1. Display must have a general theme title. (i.e. S&W 1860~1945, Colt’s of Yesteryear, Some Marlin History, etc.).
    2. Display items must be labeled with, at least place of origin, typical name identification, year of production or model designation. (i.e. German Mauser Model 1914, U.s. Colt Model 1873, Belgian Bayard Model 1908 etc.).
    3. All items on display must be owned by the exhibitor or properly identified as to who, in fact, does own the item.
    4. No item may be sold, traded or removed from the display while on exhibit for an award.
    5. To be eligible for awards the display must be set up by 10:00 A.M. Saturday and the show Director clearly advised of his entering into the Awards Competition by 12:00 noon Saturday.

Revised: July 2011