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The Missouri Valley Arms Collectors Association


The Missouri Valley Arms Collectors Association would like to welcome you to our world of Arms Collecting. We truly hope you will be rewarded for having been in contact with our hobby and us.

We have been asked occasionally “who“, “what“, “why” or “where” is the MVACA? Hopefully, this will clarify and answer these questions in a somewhat abbreviated, but factual listing of MVACA information.

In reference to the “who” of MVACA we can proudly point to a membership composed of a truly diverse cross-section of American Citizens from all walks of life. Our membership did slump in 1969 due to the 68 Gun Control Act, (a definite impediment) but the more dedicated collector was not totally obstructed.  Since then, we have enjoyed and presently continue to maintain a stable growth.

With respect to the “what” and “why” of MVACA, it is best explained within Article II of our By-Laws:

PURPOSE: The Association is dedicated to the promotion of the craft of arms collecting; to bind its members into an organization for the exchange of information and to further the study of arms types; to cooperate with sportsmen and other arms clubs in matters of mutual interest; to analyze carefully and intelligently, any and all proposed laws affecting the common good of collectors and sportsmen and add vigorous protest against all needless, unfair, or prohibitive arms legislation; also, to hold exhibits and/or shows for the benefit of our members and guests.


Our “where” and the start of history for MVACA was created in 1951 by a group of greater Kansas City arms collecting enthusiasts who met in the home of an MVACA founder, Mr. Mark Dixon. Early in 1952 and through 1953 the founders drafted By-laws in preparation for a not-for–profit incorporation; after which they filed the Articles of Agreement and By-Laws, using a Pro-Forma Decree, from Judge Southern, on January 27, 1954, with the Missouri Secretary of State. We have been an NRA affiliated collectors association since 1953. Our NRA affiliation Number indicates we were the 10th collectors organization in the nation to become an NRA affiliate. The club initially held monthly meetings in K.C. at St Elizabeth’s School for several years prior to moving to the Johnson County Community Center in Mission, Kansas in 1957. About 1967 meetings moved to the American Legion Hall in Overland Park, Kansas. Since 1969 our meetings have been in both Kansas and Missouri at various community meeting rooms, banks, lending institutions, libraries, gun shops or shooting ranges as dictated by attendance and available space. Presently, the third Tuesday of each month you can find us at the Bullet Hole Shooting Range Classroom, 6201 Robinson, Overland Park, Kansas. If you would like to attend a monthly meeting or want to inquire further about MVACA, please feel free to write to:

P.O. Box 6013
Leawood, KS 66206

or contact the Membership Secretary, Chip Massey at 816-873-1951 or [email protected]

Our “where” also has to do with the sponsorship of “Gun Shows”. This began in the early 1950’s. Those Spring and Fall Arms Shows were at the Townhouse Hotel in K. C. Kansas, where a Luger cost $25 and Colt Single Actions went for $40 or so. We have held shows in shopping centers, hotels, motels, armories, parks, community centers, 4-H buildings, American Legion halls, VFW halls, shooting ranges, convention halls and will continue to do so as long as the spirit and interest in arms collecting holds firm. Today, our yearly exhibits include a 3-day Summer National Show, as well as, four 1-day shows (the one-day shows have been postponed in 2017). For our show dates, times and locations, we suggest you check the website throughout the year, or stay in contact with us as an MVACA member.

MVACA is proud of the fact that we have grown in stature and respect during the years of our existence. It is our hope and prayer that we will continue unhindered and happy in our arms collecting endeavors for many years to come. We appreciate very much your interest, support and hopefully your help in promoting and preserving our unique hobby and love of arms collecting.

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