Membership Info


This form is PDF fillable. You can store it on your computer, you can email it to a friend, you just cannot submit it to the website. This is because you still need to get 2 current club members to vouch for you before submitting this form (mailed back to MVACA with all fields fully completed)

Click here for MVACA Membership Form


New Membership Applications instructions:

Fully fill out the form as required.

Please enclose a check or USPMO for $35 for Regular MVACA Membership, or $15 for a Junior MVACA Membership with the fully filled out MVACA Membership application. Remember that it is required that you must have two current MVACA members vouch for you with their signatures and associated MVACA Membership numbers on this MVACA form. Do not forget to sign the form yourself. The mailing address is as follows:

Attn: Membership
PO BOX 6013
Leawood, KS 66206-0013

MVACA Membership renewals are $35 each year. Due on the first of the year. If joining the club mid-year, you will be credited the next full year’s membership as a courtesy. The MVACA Membership Secretary is Chip Massey, and you can email him at [email protected] or call him at 816-873-1951 with any questions you may have on MVACA membership.

MVACA Membership General notes:

Membership dues are due on the 1st of January every year. MVACA dues can also be paid at any of the MVACA club shows. Membership dues that are not paid by April 1st are considered past due. The 2nd year past due on membership, you will be contacted to see if you wish to continue with your MVACA membership. You can pay as many years ahead as you want to. We do not have a “paid” lifetime membership that is offered at this time. Only honorary life memberships are currently being “granted” by the general membership body at this time.

Paid-up members will receive new yearly MVACA Membership Cards, which are sent out by the end of March of each year with the MVACA quarterly newsletter. Replacement MVACA badges can be obtained at any of the MVACA club shows, or by sending a written request to the MVACA Membership Secretary listed above.