Gun Safety Program

The Missouri Valley Arms Collectors Association


MVACA Strongly believes that it is every Gun Owners responsibility to educate others about Gun Safety.  For Children we recommend the NRA Eddie Eagle Program.  For the Midwest Region we sponsor the Missouri Valley Vigilantes. They are an all volunteer Old West Gunfighter group that believes we can teach the general public History and Gun Safety and at the same time have Fun by performing family oriented Christian valued plays, a Cass County Missouri based Old West re-enactment group,MVV took 3rd place in RGA’sa’s 2009 Kansas State comp. The Vigilantes have performed their Gun Safety Program sponsored by Missouri Valley Arms Collectors Association, for over 10,000 children from Missouri and Kansas . The Vigilantes have found that a Gun Safety skit both entertains and educates. “Watching the audiences’ faces while we perform the Gun Safety skit is most rewarding. We observe both adults and children alike as they learn first hand the potential damage firearms can and do create.  At the end of their demonstration they stop and deputize each and every child who will take the following oath:

I (your name) Do Solemnly Swear that if I see a Gun or a Bullet, unattended by an adult, I will Run and Tell an Adult and they will buy me Ice Cream.”

After taking the oath, they then are proclaimed Missouri Valley Vigilante Special Deputies and each child is given a Junior Missouri Valley Vigilante badge and a signed certificate with their oath, with a place for their name to be entered, to help them remember their oath..

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